Monday, July 27, 2009

Neon Nation - Concert in the Park - 7/9/2009

Another fun show in the windy city of Apple Valley, and I don't type that lightly... It was VERY windy, but mic stand stayed up right and my talented drummer brother managed to catch all his stick tosses. Great turn out for Neon Nation's high desert performance. Enjoy some of these highlights.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Miracle Patch - Snow in June!

So it's hardly a mystery. Anyone affiliated with snowboarding is familiar with the natural wonder of "The Patch." On a June afternoon, sun shinning and sky's blue, a group of local riders (my husband included) make every turn up the backside of Wrightwood to do some snow play. Sunglasses, snowboards, & shovels in tow. It's unexplained to why the snow remains, long after local resorts close their lifts, but the best reason, little direct sunlight. No matter, because with no hefty ticket prices and crowds it was a fun day for everyone.

Patch Portraits

A brief session with a very photographic subject. Her gaze makes me just wonder... wonder what thoughts were crossing her mind at the moment of capture.